• Pastor Patrick Jones

Indoor Service Guidelines

Bureau Township Community Church: A Sunday Morning Walkthrough

We thought it might be helpful to walk everyone through some of the unique aspects of our Sunday morning service will be like now that we are meeting inside again.

Let’s go through this together!

1. We are asking you to follow the big three when possible: Wear a mask, stay 6ft apart, wash your hands.

2. We recommend you gather outside (and enjoy some social-distancing fellowship!) until about 10 minutes before the service starts. We want to limit the amount of time everyone spends inside the building as much as possible.

3. The doors will be propped open at 8:50, so you will not have to touch any handles along the way.

4. Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and face-masks will be available at each main entrance.

5. Please avoid entering other parts of the church at this time.

6. Offering plates will be stationed as you enter the sanctuary (from either entrance). They will be available as you enter or leave. No offering will be collected during the service.

7. We kindly ask that you refrain from greetings like handshakes or hugs. Air high-fives are OK!

8. Take your seat upon entering, leaving adequate space between families (6ft). This roughly translates into seating with one pew in between, and a little over 1/3 of the pew apart. Pastor Patrick is 6’3”, if he can lay down and touch two families, you’re probably too close. Try to seat yourselves throughout the whole sanctuary.

9. At this moment we will not have the congregation singing, although we will have special music. Lyrics are printed in the bulletin.

10. You will notice that the hymnals, pew Bibles, scrap paper, pens and pencils have all been removed from the pews. We encourage you to bring your own Bible and any writing supplies you may need with you.

11. After the service is over, we ask that you leave in an orderly fashion. Feel free to gather outside for a time of fellowship. We will not be serving coffee or refreshments.

12. The Adult Sunday School that meets in the sanctuary will have their Sunday School class. We recommend that instead of shifting seats to the front, you stay where you are.

13. No other Sunday School classes are meeting at this time. We are working on creating those opportunities soon.

Remember, this is new for all of us. We are trying to make this service safe and inviting for all, that is a challenging task. We will continue to monitor and evaluate our guidelines as we navigate this season together. Thanks for your understanding.

Online services will continue to be offered for those who cannot attend in person for any reason.

We also will continue broadcasting our service over the radio on 93.5 FM. A few parking spaces in the front lot will be reserved for those who wish to attend in person and remain in their cars.

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